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Jakarta Cost of Living

Posted by Irwinsyah pada Maret 9, 2011

ide, it has now pegged against the US dollar. As a result, costs are not as low in dollar terms as they were a two years ago, but they still represent value for your dollar. Jakarta is the most expensive city in the Indonesia with costs outside major centres being significantly lower.

Travellers cheques and cash, preferably US dollars are the favored currency in Jakarta. Credit cards are accepted by higher end hotels, restaurants and shops, but not for day-to-day expenses. In major centres, you can always find a bank that can advance cash on a Visa or MasterCard. Credit card advances at ATM’s are possible, but somewhat limited.

Tipping is not a normal practice but is usually expected for special service. Someone who carries your bag or guides you around a tourist attraction will most likely expect a tip. Jakarta taxi drivers expect you to round the fare up to the next 1000 rupiah. Hotel porters usually get a few thousand rupiah per bag.

Everyday purchases normally require bargaining. Tourism has taken a drastic downturn in most parts of the archipelago and, despite price hikes, many hotel rooms are liable to be discounted.


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